Hello my SCW friends! It’s been a wonderful year since I’ve met up with most of you on the SCW convention circuit at a time when I was involved in the SCW Keynote “Paradoxes of Fitness.” I’m still honored when I recall that honor of doing the Keynote address on the SCW city tour that Sara offered to me.

When I turned 50 last Christmas of 2014, I had long pondered the “what if” question of taking a year off to do a sabbatical far before getting too old to enjoy it. “Where did you go and what did you do?” lots of people now ask. I emailed updates from different places, and posted country flags on Facebook, but put most of my time and energy into writing a new project and enjoying where I chose to live, not as tourist, but as traveler.

I chose 12 apartments in 12 countries in 12 months and completed a bucket list of living in some of the places I loved, and off Biskit (my Italian greyhound) and I went. We tried to travel light: 2 suitcases everywhere: one for me and one with his food, toys, and treats. I never went to places I had never been: that seems more to me appropriate for vacation. To live somewhere, I had to be sure that I really like a place. I had always said my criteria for choosing a place for my sabbatical was anywhere I had ever visited and said “I could live here,” so the decisions really were easy. I didn’t choose the places; in a way, they chose me.

In each place, I spent my mornings writing after getting started with something local, like fresh croissants from the bakery under my flat in Paris, or fresh tea lattes in the Philippines, or watching the models to their morning run in West Hollywood. Then in the afternoon, Biskit and I always explored where we were: museums, long walks, and cultural immersion with locals. That was easy since Biskit is such a people-magnet.

Friends met up with me at different parts of my journey, like Yury Rockit (SCW’s newest presenter) in the Philippines where we raised money for a hospital doing research for cancer for kids. Bernadette “SuperBetty” joined me there and we taught art and empowerment through music at an orphanage for abused girls, called CRIBS. Valerie Grant (also a fabulous SCW presenter) joined me in Mykonos in June (which was a wonderful break from apartments since I could be home for a month) and we ran a mind-body retreat there with international guests. In July, I took a cottage in the Cotswolds where Cameron Diaz shot “The Holiday,” and Biskit made friends with the cows, horses, and—his new favorite—squirrels, while I wrote an English mystery. Every evening, we discovered a different pub. I fell in love with British cider, and its now popping up across the USA, including our own, American-made brands. I picked grapes at harvesting time with Betty in September in the south of Italy, and we did a road trip to the boot of Italy where her remaining Italian family lives who speak no English, so I was chief translator. We met up with Sara (the “S” of “SCW”) and Fabio and Manuel and Yury and Leslee and Mindy and Keli and other SCW presenters at a fitness show called AFC in Thailand in Bangkok, and it was fun to be connected to people I hadn’t seen in over a year.

During each month, I wrote a short story. The story did not necessarily have to do with where I was; the only place where it really mattered was the converted church in London I rented for July which instantly became the location for a British mystery. I was staying in a steeple with stained glass windows that opened which originally was part of the altar, and I just had to write being in it.

Simultaneously during the writing process all year, I was practicing singing. I had a 50-year dream of singing, and, though I’m not a professional singer, took lessons and sang every single day for a year. I went to SCW Boston to celebrate Betty’s 85th birthday, giving her a full day of Petra Kolber’s “Moving to Happiness” Certificate, and to support Yury Rockit’s SCW debut with 6 sessions. From there, we did a road trip to Maine where I recorded the CD “Songs that I Chose,” which will be offered with the book.

Looking to 2016: I’m excited to say that, when I thought of returning to the convention party of 2016, it was a logical choice to return to SCW. The cities are fun, the number of shows is engaging, and the delegates who attend make each experience so rewarding for me. Where else can I hang out with the best presenters in the business, teach mindful movement on land, lecture on land and aquatic programming, do book signings with the best fitness professionals around, and and teach in a pool! I can be voiceless, luggage-less, dehydrated, and even interrupted by a fire drill, but the delegates who come to Manias are some of the nicest, most understanding, kind, and open-minded people I’ve ever met in this crazy industry. Plus, many delegates don’t know that Sara actually takes really good care of her presenters in the sense that she offers us snacks, meals, and a place to meet, unwind, and share ideas. Whereas at some events I stand before people who stare at me with an “impress-me” mentality, Maniacs show up with smiles before we even get started. And that has made all the difference in the world to me. So I’m excited to see you all on the SCW circuit in 2016!

Both the new short stories book, Stories of Color, and the CD, “Songs that I Chose,” will be available from January 1. My first live signing of the book anywhere will occur in SCW California Mania and I’m thrilled! Of course my other books (Running the Show: Customer Service for Fitness Pros, Meals & Musings (cookbook) and Cream Rises will also be there, and I’ll be lecturing on them! As with all of my books and fitCamps, proceeds after paying the expenses support the Villa of the Sisters of Saint Joseph, dedicated to helping the homeless and hungry between Philadelphia and NYC, as well as providing a place for retiring nuns to live as they work their outreach programs.

Here’s an excerpt from the back of the book:

Stories of Color marks Lawrence Biscontini’s first book of fiction. Written during a 12-country, 12-month sabbatical during 2015, the various short stories offer something for (almost) everyone. The common thread of the human condition among all sentient beings weaves throughout the tales: from stories narrating different types of extreme hunger, to the feelings of being outcast from school bullying, the frantic search for happiness in one’s lifetime, the betrayal of a close friend, history’s most secret love-affair of all time, seeing the world through black-and-white glasses only, an English murder mystery involving power, corruption, greed, and, of course, money, and more. Who cannot relate to the common thread of emotions that connect us all on the planet?

Please stay tuned to my Facebook page this month where I’m posting snippets from the 12 short stories. I’m excited to share this year-long endeavor with all of you at SCW Manias in 2016 as well as an exciting combination of some of my favorite sessions of all time and brand-new sessions custom-made for SCW! And here’s a behind-the-scenes making of the book and CD: http://bit.ly/StoriesofColorDec2015Teaser

Love and light to you all!,


Sometimes the simplest tools are the best for your health. Resistance bands are just that – lightweight, affordable and portable while being very effective. And the next generation in resistance bands, the Braided Tubes, will blow you away. They take tubing training up a notch by offering all of the benefits of rubberized resistance but they take it to the next level.

What is Braided Tubing?
Weaving four strands of tube together using a patented Braided Tubing Technology makes this rope-like product safe and extremely strong. Like traditional tubes, they come in a variety of resistances depending on your fitness level but the braid gives you added durability and holds up in the most rigorous training applications.

What are the benefits of the Braided Technology?
Portability: Let’s just state the obvious; resistance tubes are perfect for the home, office, and suitcase. But the braided tubing gives you even more options like outdoor environments. Try wrapping it around poles, trees and using it on cement.

Affordability: Braided tubing is going to be more affordable than a few sets of dumbbells and much easier to store not to mention, braided technology enhances the tubing lifespan and integrity.

Versatility: When lifting weights, gravity plays a big part. You get more resistance when lifting against gravity, but then gravity makes lowering the weight easier. However, when using tubing, you do not fight gravity. Instead, you are fighting the tension in the bands, but can move freely in any direction. With gravity, the only way is down. The ability to move freely when using tubing allows you to mimic and recreate everyday movements. One of the main benefits is increasing and strengthening our natural movement patterns in daily activities such as a golf swing, throwing a football, lifting something up high, or even opening a door. Now consider the braided tubing and the resistance is just that much more than a regular band coming in five different levels of resistance, which is going to really pump up your results.

Braided tubing is also great for eccentric load training and easier to control than dumbbells. Try slowing the eccentric (muscle lengthening) portion of the movement way down to see strength gains. The lengthening motion of an exercise triggers hypertrophy and therefore, the braided tubing is going to be a great choice when it comes to this type of training. You’ll notice the braided tubing will challenge the strongest of athletes.

In addition, consider alternating tempo (speed) training. It’s near impossible and not safe to pulse heavy weights. But with the braided tubing you can improve power with varying your tempo. Even with the strongest purple braided tube, you can pulse through a smaller range of movement and burn it up while working your muscle endurance.

Add in partner training. Working in tandem inspires camaraderie, accountability and motivation. Try hooking the bands together and doing partner-rowing exercises, rotational moves or speed training.

Bottom line, you can do just about any type of strength training exercise without the need for heavy weights and improve your performance and power.

What products are available using the Braided Tubing Technology:

Braided Xertube: These bands take tubing training to the next level. Great for all of your higher demand tubing exercises that regular tubing just can't keep up with.

Braided Xertube Plus: Like the Braided Xertube but with an extra 16 inches of tubing length for maximum training versatility. The longer design makes it easy to wrapped around, under or over any stable surface allowing you to perform any and all types of dynamic resistance movements.

Braided Xertube Trainer: Two 36" strands of braided tubing are independently connected to a durable nylon loop that can be attached to any sturdy object, help by a training partner, or in a secure door. The Braided Xertube Trainer has comfortable foam handles and the braided tube makes it great for heavy-duty exercises. Better than a Dual Action Pulley system, turn your hotel room door, office door, or bedroom door into a home gym.

Braided Lateral Resistor: The larger padded cuffs make the Lateral Resistor comfortable and the braided tube makes it intense. Velcro it to your ankles-it’s a great product to use with drills for the development of dynamic lower body quickness and reaction.

Braided TD Speed Cord: This is specifically designed to develop running strength and sprint speed. The padded sleeve is comfortable on the waist and the foam covered handles are easy to hold onto. Grab a partner and work on developing first step quickness, acceleration phase leg drive and top end speed.

Our goal at SPRI is to help you get better everyday. We want to deliver products that challenge your ability and hold up to your expectations. We want to inspire the athlete in us all. The Braided Tubing Technology has been a favorite among our athletes for the past three years and continues to uphold its integrity and reputation as a great strength-training tool.

NORTHBROOK, Ill. — The MANIA® Fitness Conventions are pleased to announce that we have EIGHT opportunities in 2016 for you to get the education you need to keep your certifications and techniques up to date. SCW offers both LIVE and ONLINE Certifications throughout the year. We are coming to you! Not only are we coming to you with all-time favorites like SPRI, WATERinMOTION, Zumba, RYKA, BODYSHRED, Schwinn, Savvier, Balanced Body, Power Music, MOi, POUND, Trigger Point Performance, Yes Music, WaterRower, LesMills, Poolates, Crunch, Hedstrom, Petra Kolber, and Urban Kick to name a few, but we are also bringing you NEW programming in 2016! Be sure to get to a MANIA® to check out the intuitive new programs by PLYOGA, In-Trinity, MyoBuddy, DrumFit, KnotOut, SoulBody, LOK Fitness, Jari Love with Get RIPPED, Jungshin Fitness, UJam, Keys To Essential Oils, Fitness Education Seminars, and Corebar. *Be sure to check each individual brochure as all sponsors may not be at all events!

SCW Fitness Education is a nationally recognized certification organization that has trained over 100,000 Fitness Professionals. Our certifications are recognized by fitness facilities across the USA and Internationally. The SCW Fitness Education Certifications are both general and specialty in orientation and span from: Group Ex, PT, Aqua, Yoga, Barre, Pilates, Sports Nutrition, Weight Management, Kettle Weights, Group Strength, and Lifestyle and Behavioral Coaching. Each course is developed and lead by qualified, veteran trainers that have 20+ years of fitness experience. Theory, practice, and application combine to credential our SCW professionals and prepare them for quality instruction at large, small and specialty facilities.

Offered LIVE at each of the eight SCW MANIA® conventions and now available as Online Certifications! Every Online Certification offers a live course FREE within one year! The 2016 upcoming MANIA® dates and locations are:

The 2016 upcoming MANIA® dates and locations are:
Philadelphia MANIA® | Feb 19-21, 2016
California MANIA® | March 18-20, 2016
Florida MANIA® | May 20-22, 2016
Atlanta MANIA® | July 29-31, 2016
Dallas MANIA® | Aug 26-28, 2016
DC MANIA® | Sept 9-11, 2016
Midwest MANIA® | Sept 30-Oct 2, 2016
Boston MANIA® | Nov 11-13, 2016

During the convention, participants will also earn continuing education credits though SCW, AFAA, ACE, NASM, ACSM, AEA and others accept MANIA® CECs/CEUs during each session and certification training they attend. For more information about MANIA®, visit http://scwfit.com/mania/ and be sure to check out our Certifications here: www.scwfit.com/certifications.

Come in, its cold outside! Get your clients and to wander back to the treadmills, push a quick start button, and with little or no effort (from you or them!), they can have the ability to rev up their engines and stay healthy and fit all winter long! This is a great way for them to stay focused on getting fit while it’s an off day from their training, too. More people walk and proudly admit it, than participate in any other fitness activity across the United States. Some 14 million call walking their primary mode of exercise.

Walking’s Fitness Benefits: Take a look at how walking affects the five components of a fit body, and share this with your clients:

BODY COMPOSITION: Walking four times a week, 45 minutes each time, the average person can lose 18 pounds in a year with little or no nutritional change, according to a study at the University Of Massachusetts Medical School by director Dr. James Rippe. Assess body composition as you start this new fitness routine and reassess within 30 days to assure you are gaining improvement.

CARDIOVASCULAR FITNESS: Walking at any level or speed, two to three times a week for at least 20 minutes increases cardiovascular strength. By increasing the strength of your heart and lungs, you increase your ability not only to exercise harder and longer but also to perform everyday task without tiring. Have them start slowly and add minutes weekly, accumulating as many as 200 minutes per week.

FLEXIBILITY: As with any endurance exercise, muscles tighten and stretching exercises will be vital to remaining injury and pain free. Stress the importance of adherence to simple stretches for the hamstrings, quadriceps, Iliotibial band, buttocks and adductors, as this will assist in keeping them accountable to this aspect of fitness. Many may experience what is called a shin splint when starting a routine, thus stretching the front of the low leg as well as the calf will be important.

MUSCULAR ENDURANCE: All treadmill walkers develop a moderate amount of muscular endurance, which enables them to exercise for a longer time period before getting exhausted. An increase in endurance equates to the ability to participate in activities of daily living that may have seemed too aggressive in the past.

MUSCULAR STRENGTH: The muscles that get the best strength workout when walking will be those on the back side of the lower leg. Coach clients on how to add upper body strengthen exercises to round out the program, as well as how to embrace core strengthening to assure a more efficient walking pattern or form.

More Reasons to Walk: Walking offers other pluses that fall outside the scientific framework but each and every participant knows they’re there. Walking is simple. All they will need to start is a pair of supportive shoes. Add a loose fitting top made of a wicking fabric and you are ready to go. When away from the club, walking travels well, too. It is just one step away. Walking can be a great social outlet, and many will join in! Think about starting a treadmill walking class at your club to assure adherence and socialization. Walking can also be very private, allowing many to re-stress, think through problems, take those needed deep breaths and relax.

Choosing Proper Footwear: Be sure to have participants choose a pair of shoes that support the arch, can be tied tightly around the ankle and yet have ample room at the toe base. Experts recommend you choose a ½ size larger than when buying your heels. Be ready to replace your shoes within a six month period. Again choose socks that are made of a wicking material, and that will pull moisture way from the foot itself and keep you blister free. Check out www.ryka.com for some great options!

The Fitness Formula: Together you will help your clients design a program around ability, frequency, intensity and duration. The walking program will need to be progressive. This is the way you will be assured of continued weight loss over a period of time. Make sure your “trainer’s prescription” includes recovery periods or rest periods that will round out the fitness formula.

Help your clients look at the treadmill differently since they need to be inside more in colder climates. Show them it is the tool for weight management success. Walking may be their means of conquering their weight management challenges this winter!

With the holidays approaching, there will be lots of cocktails flowing! This is a fun and easy one that is sure to be a hit! While this traditional south-Italian beverage is relatively new in the USA and makes a wonderful light drink anytime, eating the fruit at the end is an added bonus!


2 cups white seedless grapes, sliced
2 cups sliced fresh peaches
1 cup of sliced apricots
1 cup of sliced & peeled apples
1 cup of sliced strawberries
1 cup of cut cherries; this adds additional color
2 bottles of white wine (Lawrence prefers Sauvignon Blank from Australia or New Zealand
2–3 cups of white grape juice (Welch’s® brand works great)
½ cup sugar/agave/honey Mix all ingredients and store in refrigerator overnight or for a few hours to marinate fruit. ENJOY!

Get this receipe and many others here: http://shopscwfitness.com/mealsandmusingcookbookbylawrencebiscontini.aspx